The technology underlying today’s financial institution is complex by necessity and rapidly changing. Going forward, the trend is towards even greater integration with customer front-office systems, back-office systems, 3rd party service providers, and outsourcers/insourcers. Often the specialized knowledge and skills to perform these integration projects is not readily available in-house. Barton Heyman can augment your staff, or take full charge of integration projects, to ensure that your business achieves its underlying objectives.

The following are some of our key System’s Evaluation and Integration Services:

  • Front Office Systems

  • Back-Office Systems

  • 3rd Party System’s Integration

  • Outsource/Insource Integration

Front Office Systems Solutions

The primary goal of a customer front-end is to increase customer satisfaction. The features and capabilities for which the specific front-end was selected, will only deliver the promised improvements if the integration to the back office is designed and executed properly. Barton Heyman consultants have experience in building and implementing numerous front-end solutions. And more often the case these days is the requirement to integrate new service offerings such as order management systems to existing solutions. From this we bring deep experience and knowledge in Front Office, Middle Office and back-office trade systems to realize the expected value from your investment.


Whether you are implementing a new back-office system, or adding new interfaces, Barton Heyman consultants are experts in this area. Our founders have been developing industry leading back-office systems for over ten years and have deep expertise in all facets of development and integration to external systems. Whether it is building or implementing a new purchase order module or adding in a receivables financing solution we have the experience required to support your project at any level of detail required.

Just a few of the interfaces we have had experience integrating with include:

  • Payment systems

  • Customer file

  • MIS systems

  • Compliance systems

  • FX Systems

  • Equities Systems

3rd Party Integration (New Offerings)

There are many services that are now being offered by banks that do not fall within the bank’s core competencies, but provide high value to its customers when integrated with banks systems. Typically these are obtained from a 3rd party solution provider specializing in that product. Examples are:

  • Market Data Services

  • Market Research/News

  • Regulatory and Compliance

  • Risk Management

Integrating these services so that overall processes are streamlined and the customer and the banks receives high value depends on a thorough understanding of both the customer and bank processes. Barton Heyman has the experience and knowledge from integrating third party vendor solutions to help you capture the highest value from your investment.

Outsource/Insource Integration

Insourcing can be a highly complex process with many components to oversee (legal, technology, operations, business). The process requires strong engagement management ideally from experts that have been through the process before. How will the banks existing systems be integrated? Are your prospective clients willing to go forward with a standard solution or are there customizations that have to be made? How do you manage this integration process and project without using so much internal capacity that you cannot bring on other banks in a timely manner? Barton Heyman can help banks bring on insourcing clients more quickly and provide an independent presence to help mitigate issues that can often develop with any complex in/outsourcing initiative.

Whether you are outsourcing or insourcing, there will be interfaces to build, customizations to be made and data centers to securely connect together. Barton Heyman consultant’s have decades of experience in trade systems integration. In addition, Barton Heyman has extensive experience with the communications, middleware, and accompanying technologies to implement these interfaces. See Back-Office Integration above for further details regarding integration within the outsourcing banks back-office.