Operating Principles

  • OBJECTIVE – In our consulting engagements and research assignments we will remain completely objective and unbiased towards any vendor.

  • CONFIDENTIAL – We will stringently preserve the confidentiality of clients and vendors alike.

  • FAIR – We will always endeavor to accurately reflect and support the facts about the vendors scrutinized and will rigorously resist any attempts to slant the outcome.

  • SERVE THE CLIENT – Barton Heyman is obliged to serve only the interests of our consulting clients.


Trans-national markets and global exchanges demand fast, accurate processing of high transaction volumes, delivering superior customer service. Barton Heyman provides comprehensive strategies incorporating frameworks like Straight Through Processing (STP), market surveillance and risk management to enable Stock Exchanges the ability to work round-the-clock. Our team of seasoned experts provides comprehensive strategies for round-the-clock, efficient management of core functions while managing risks and regulatory compliances.


Barton Heyman has a long history of working with software and solution providers to the investment management industry. Barton Heyman has undertaken a considerable amount of projects to evaluate, select and implement vendor systems and conducted detailed research into over 200 software and solution providers.


Barton Heyman provides: Mission-critical, flexible, scalable trading solutions that support multiple channels and that span across equities, derivatives, commodities, forex and fixed income instruments, covering different types of trading methodologies, resulting in increased agility and transparency in trading environments

Renewable Energy

Deregulation, unbundling, new investments in infrastructures, resources optimization, compliance with regulation and international treaties such as Kyoto are key priorities for the Energy Sector. In this context Barton Heyman enjoys particular expertise in providing advisory services to improve energy efficiency & tackling Climate change through the implementation of alternative energy solutions.