Barton Heyman’s Green Initiatives program encourages employees to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Barton Heyman aims to inspire employees to become more eco-friendly by suggesting small changes that are simple to implement, yet impactful.

Business Consulting

Barton Heyman virtualizes computer servers to reduce energy consumption. This entails turning a single hardware server into one piece of hardware with the capability to run multiple virtual servers.

Additionally, we use Energy Starqualified CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs wherever possible.


Free aluminum water bottles are provided to encourage employees to use them instead of disposable cups. Barton Heyman also provides filtered water so employees don’t need to buy bottled water. Rechargeable batteries are used wherever possible and provided free to employees who have battery-powered devices, such as a wireless mouse or keyboard.

Barton Heyman organizes many donation and fundraising drives throughout the year. Events like clothing drives, shoe drives and book drives help promote reuse of materials employees might otherwise discard.


Barton Heyman places individual paper recycling boxes at every desk and at all printer stations.